New to Hot Yoga


    How To Begin

    Adding Hot House Yoga to your life can make a significant impact on your overall health, whether you are looking to simply get your body moving again, heal some physical ailment, or as a missing link to your existing workout schedule. To experience the most benefits, it’s important to practice consistently. We really encourage you to try to set a 3-4 days per week practice and notice how your body and mind changes. You should start to feel stronger and also calmer after just a few classes as you start to better tune in to your breath and focus during your practice.

    We suggest taking a few 45 or 60 minute classes first, so you can build your confidence and strength before trying 75 and 90 minute classes. The Stability classes are usually the preferred class for beginners.


    What To Expect In Your First Class

    • Please arrive twenty minutes early. This will give you time to register, meet your instructor, ask questions and take a short tour of the center.
    • Hydration is important so drink plenty of water the day of your class. Some yoga postures squeeze and flush the kidneys releasing toxins in your body. Water is needed to help flush those toxins. It is equally important to drink water after class. You will be sweating and drinking water will help your body more efficiently replenish the fluid lost during class.
    • Yoga is best done on an empty stomach so try not to eat two hours before class. If you must eat, fruit is the best option as it is easily digested.
    • Wear light, breathable clothing that you will be comfortable sweating in and that will not restrict your movement. You will not need shoes during class so make sure to take them off before entering the yoga room.
    • Don’t push yourself too hard in class and don’t get frustrated as it will only limit your growth. It takes time to learn postures and get used to the heat. Enjoy the experience; it is the best way to get the full benefit of what Hot Yoga has to offer. Remember that consistent practice is important; you will only improve over time.

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