Therapeutic Vision

    At Hot House Yoga, we teach two styles of Hot Yoga: Hot Stability and Hot Flow. While each style is distinct and unique in nature, they complement each other and are designed to be practiced together to create optimal balance. Both our Stability and Flow classes are structured around a methodology called the Therapeutic Vision. This method of sequencing is what creates a healing, sustainable, life-long practice. It’s based on the anatomy of the body, specifically related to lines of connective tissue, known as myofascial lines, which have both movement and postural functions. The Therapeutic Vision’s specific emphasis is to sequentially strengthen and stretch each one of these lines so that they can properly perform their intended function. The inability of these lines to perform their functions creates imbalances throughout the entire body.

    A consistent Hot House Yoga practice not only corrects these physical imbalances, but also eliminates unnecessary stress, and promotes an overall feeling of gratitude for life.


    The Heat

    At Hot House Yoga our rooms are intentionally heated because of the many benefits it offers the body. Heat protects the muscles as they move through their full range of motion. When practicing in the heat endorphins are released helping to reverse the negative effects of stress. Heat increases the heart rate strengthening the cardiovascular system. Higher temperatures soften collagen around the joints for more freedom of movement and improve the function of the nervous system. The process of sweating exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, the largest organ of your body.

    Not every hot yoga studio is the same. An uncontrolled humidified and heated room can raise humidity and reduce oxygen levels causing an unhealthy breathing environment. The Hot House Yoga system purifies the air to eliminate bacteria, viruses and odors. Hot House Yoga has the healthiest and the most carefully monitored environmental air quality available. The system uses ultraviolet light purification to ensure healthy air. There is also specifically engineered environmental control systems in place designed to remove excess humidity when too high or add moisture when too dry. When oxygen levels fall below normal the system pulls in fresh air to regulate.