New Year, New Body

2017 could be the year to combat your loss of bone density and flexibility.

Each year that passes is another year of toll your body has taken. Especially when it comes to bone mass and density, and flexibility. Studies show that these changes in the body can lead to a breakdown of joints leading to chronic pain, stiffness – or even more serious conditions like arthritis and height-loss due to worsening posture.But for older Americans – particularly for those who have a workout regimen in their weekly

But for older Americans – particularly for those who have a workout regimen in their weekly physical fitness routines – this doesn’t have to be the case. The good news is that it’s never too late to begin incorporating healthy routines into your everyday life and begin to combat the telltale signs of aging. Here’s how:

Yoga Combats Loss of Bone Strength

According to this article by the New York Times, “yoga puts more pressure on the bone than gravity does.” Meaning that when you work a group of muscles in your body against another, it puts the bone-making cells, osteocytes, to work.

And though the article states that it’s nearly impossible for adults to regain bone mass, a study from the collaboration of The Rockefeller University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and New York University found that older adults incorporating just 12 minutes of yoga into their daily routine for one decade straight had “improved bone density in the spine and femur.”

Yoga Promotes Muscle Flexibility

Perhaps more so than any other physical activity according to the Huffington Post. It increases range of motion, particularly in the spine, and circulation of the spinal cord. This lack of range of motion leaves older adults more susceptible to falls or other injuries, and

This lack of range of motion leaves older adults more susceptible to falls or other injuries and could lead to a lack of fluid motion in daily activities.

For many of these unwanted symptoms of aging, yoga is a strong antidote. This year, make the decision to treat your mind, body and the future of your health well by incorporating a weekly yoga class into your life.




Can Yoga Help Heal My Chronic Pain?

Suffering from migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia or lower back aches? Give this mind-body practice a try.

100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain in some fashion or form every day, according to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

It’s an epidemic in our nation that exceeds those affected by diabetes, heart disease, strokes and cancer combined.

For many, this is more than an everyday nuisance. It’s a colossal hindrance to your body and can have a major impact on your mental well-being as well.

Chronic pain can come in many different shapes, sizes and areas of the body, including migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain.

The most common cures for these serious aches and pains?

Expensive trips to specialists and prescription medications relieve cases of extreme discomfort. To make matters even worse, these medicines are highly addictive; with middle-aged adults leading the statistics in the likelihood of prescription painkiller overdose rates.

So, what’s an uncommon cure for such a common problem so many older adults in the nation face in their daily lives?

An article released by the Harvard Medical School says practicing yoga can help, and even go as far as to relieve chronic pain.

The article references a study published by the Annals of Internal Medicine that surveyed 313 individuals suffering lower back pain.

Their research concluded that “a weekly yoga class increased mobility more than standard medical care for the condition” and that “yoga was comparable to standard exercise therapy in relieving chronic low back pain.”

How does it work?

Psychology Today says regularly practicing yoga has an opposing impact on brain structures triggered by the effects of symptoms such as depression, anxiety and impaired cognitive function.

Meaning: your brain has the potential to be altered by chronic pain. And with its focus on deep breaths and mental relaxation techniques, yoga can actually “increase grey matter in brain volume and white matter connectivity” for those who make it a part of their regular workout routine.

If You’re One of the Unlucky 100 Million:

Incorporating this practice into your life is a bona fide alternative, drug-free treatment to the aches and pains that ail you. Why not try a fun and even more importantly, an effective means to an end of your chronic pain?






Ready to Get Your Hot Yoga Fix Midlothian?

Hot House Yoga will open a new location in Midlothian on November 8, 2014.

The state-of-the-art hot yoga studio is designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and skill levels. It is the fourth location for Hot House Yoga that began almost 10 years ago in Virginia Beach, in 2011the first Richmond location opened in the West End. The new location offers the best in hot yoga in our beautiful new studio where detail, quality and service are absolute. Classes are available daily from early morning till late evening.

“With the opening of our new Midlothian location, we’re excited to help local residents reach their health related goals,” said Jimmy Yax, owner/partner, Hot House Yoga. “Whether you’re aiming to get in shape or trying to fit exercise into a busy schedule, we’re here to help people succeed no matter what their ability level.”

Hot House Yoga is offering a free week of yoga November 8 through 14 at the Midlothian location. For that week only clients can sign-up for one month of unlimited yoga, a yoga mat and two yoga workshops for $99. Hot House Yoga 14227 Midlothian Turnpike Midlothian, VA 804.794.0099 hothouseyogi.com The new 3,000 square-foot hot yoga studio features include:

  • State-of-the-art heating system
  • Spa-like amenitiesHHY_FB_Midlothian_72
  • Private showers
  • Towel service
  • Storage and changing area
  • Complimentary skidless yoga towels
  • Professional friendly staff
  • Swipe card check-in
  • Yoga attire for practice and lifestyle
  • Water and cold-pressed juices for pre and post practice

Mary Kathryn Wood “WooWoo” – Hot House Yoga 21-Challenge

– Discovering the Surprise Benefit of Yoga in Her LifeWoo_Maggie

As an avid pursuer of fitness, WooWoo jumped at the chance to participate in the Hot House 21 Challenge. It was not only an opportunity to personally challenge herself, but to share the experience with her listeners on The Point, a Hampton Roads radio station.

As a busy mom and full time on-air disc radio personality, WooWoo’s biggest concern with the challenge was logistics. How was she going to fit it all in? But what she discovered and loved was the abundance of options on the class schedule with classes’ morning, noon and night. With that flexibility and making her practice a priority she was able to fit yoga into her schedule.

With the logistical aspect taken care of, WooWoo’s goals were to successfully complete the challenge and focus on a total mind and body workout.

“I wanted to really spend the time on the mat being at peace with myself. Appreciating my breath. Silencing all the noise. I wanted to not only come out physically stronger – but mentally.”

In contrast to her past yoga practice, she found in the challenge that she was connecting more to the breath and the solitude. She let go and just moved. Being in the moment helped her connect more to each day  – so those feelings of happiness motivated her to keep going back.

“The world would be a happier place if everyone spent one hour a day doing yoga – relaxing, breathing and appreciating life. Yoga is truly mood altering – in the best most positive way possible.”

Thanks WooWoo! A testament for working moms everywhere. #HH21Challenge


Erin Stehle – Hot House Yoga 21-Challenge

~ Bringing life back after a loss

Erin Stehle was mourning the loss of her father. She had shared a lifelong passion of running with him, and now that he was gone something she enjoyed so Erin Stehle Sqmuch just became too painful. Without that outlet she absorbed herself in her studies and lost life balance. Discontent with whom she was becoming, the lack of sleep it was causing she turned to Hot House Yoga and the 21 Challenge. She hoped it could turn things around and be a source of stress relief.

Nervous and not knowing what to expect she was pleased to discover a welcoming, friendly and supportive staff and the ability to practice as much as she wanted. The challenge provided her a chance to work yoga into her regular schedule and learned that she loved hot yoga and hot vinyasa.

Yoga, through the challenge, brought happiness back to Erin’s life.

“Yoga completely changed my mind set on life. Even though I experienced a tough loss I realized there is still so much beauty around me.”

Erin now approaches life wanting to experience every moment and live in the present. She loves what yoga has done to her mind and heart, but also what it has done for her physically. She loves to practice inversions and arm balances in vinyasa and appreciates laughing at herself when she falls out knowing that neither she, nor anyone else in the class is judging her.

Thanks Erin – we are grateful for you! #HH21Challenge

If you have a story you’d like to share regarding the Hot House Yoga 21-Challenge, email jennifer at hothouseyogi dot com. 


Kendall Selfe – Hot House Yoga 21-Challenge

– Finding focus in a busy lifeKendall Selfe Sq

Kendall decided to participate in the Hot House Challenge because of the charity tied to those who successfully completed the challenge. It was big balance for Kendall to manage 21 classes with working, attending school and parenting. He was driven by the charity and the desire to see what the commitment to yoga would mean to his mind and body.

For him, the best part of the challenge was the camaraderie from others involved in the journey, the mutual support and cheerleading from participants, staff and teachers.

The big surprise for Kendall ended up being one of those “life-changing” experiences he was reluctant to believe in. He had a compressed nerve for years. It was to the point he was about to have surgery because his arm would go numb. After the consistent practice from the challenge, the ailment went away.

“I am a believer now and my practice has improved immensely. You always get out what you put in.”

Kendall now practices at least three times a week and the pain has not returned. He is grateful for the 21-Challenge and believes in the power of yoga.

Thanks Kendall – we believe in you! #HH21Challenge

If you have a story you’d like to share regarding the Hot House Yoga 21-Challenge, email jennifer at hothouseyogi dot com. 


Bill Rogers – Hot House Yoga 21-Challenge

 ~ Back pain and reversing the “inevitable” cycle

Bill Rogers 1

Bill Rogers was driven to yoga and the Hot House 21-Challenge because of back pain that began in his late teens. Taking it as a part of the aging process he dealt with it until a sciatic injury pushed him over the tolerable level. Chiropractic and massage treatment only provided temporary relief. It was debilitating and bothersome to put it mildly.

A friend who sang the praises of how yoga would help with his pain, referred him to Hot House. It wasn’t easy and he didn’t go back for months. It was the start of a Hot House 21-Challenge that brought him back. Bill went from struggling to touch his toes and finding the balance to stand on one leg, to three weeks in realizing that his sciatic pain was gone. By discovering tightness he had learned to ignore, he learned to release and therefore reverse the cycle he had been taught to be inevitable.

Bill has changed his fitness path from going to the gym everyday and doing yoga once a week, to doing yoga everyday and the gym once a week. He still experiences tightness in his body but it is always improving.

“Yoga is the greatest and hardest thing I have ever  done. I was stressed and lived with severe pain  before  yoga. Now I am happy and my body feels like  I am  16.”

Bill is grateful for the 21-Challenge and how it got him to a committed yoga practice. He feels that he is in the best shape of his life and feels amazing.

Thanks Bill – you inspire us! #HH21Challenge

If you have a story you’d like to share regarding the Hot House Yoga 21-Challenge, email jennifer at hothouseyogi dot com.



Why are we changing the names of our classes?

By: Chris Yaxname

When John and I went through our first teacher training, we were taught that the word “Hot” in Hot Yoga is a noun, not an adjective, because “Hot Yoga” is a specific style of yoga originating in Calcutta India. At the same time, we’re teaching Hot Vinyasa, the “Hot” here being an adjective as in higher temperature. Wait – is this yoga or a grammar class? But you can see how confusing this can be, especially since the rest of the world believes both “Hots” to simply mean heated yoga.

We even end up in conversations saying, “are you taking yoga or vinyasa?” or “are you taking a hot class or a vinyasa class?” Both of which, upon deeper evaluation, are misguiding. Is Vinyasa not Yoga? Is Vinyasa not heated?

So we’ve decided to step out of this incredibly confusing play on nouns and adjectives by changing the names of our classes, so that Hot denotes temperature, like most of the world already assumes. Here it is in a nutshell:

We are Hot House Yoga. We specialize in teaching Hot Yoga. The two styles of Hot Yoga that we teach are Hot Stability and Hot Flow. The two styles are designed to be practiced together to create optimal balance.

Our Hot Stability class includes a distinct and therapeutic sequence of postures practiced in a heated room. It is considered a stationary sequence, which means you come back to a stationary standing posture, Mountain Pose, between other postures. The alignment principles that organize Mountain Pose are the alignment principles that structure of every other pose. These principles, collectively termed Vertical Stabilization, form the foundation of the class. This slower-paced, detailed-alignment style of class is ideal for beginners, but equally appropriate for intermediate and advanced students. The sequence of postures in our Stability classes doesn’t change from class to class or teacher to teacher. This specifically helps you build a solid foundation; allowing you to program into your mind and body the principles of Vertical Stabilization and breath control. It also allows you to easily measure your progression from class to class.

The reason for calling it Hot Stability is in the fact that Vertical Stabilization, or the alignment principles found in Mountain Pose, are the foundation of the entire class. These are the principles expressed in every other pose. With that level of importance, we figured it was a worthy of naming the class in relation to it.

Our Hot Flow class, traditionally called vinyasa, is one of continuous movement where you seamlessly transition from posture to posture, synchronizing the breath with every movement. This class, like our Stability class, also follows therapeutic sequencing, however the sequence will subtly change from class to class, depending on the teacher. The class is heated and builds in succession, one posture preparing the body for the next. The Sun Salutation, a series of poses that create the foundation of the class, defines the flow. The continuous movement and faster pace of the class makes this style more challenging as a beginner, but quickly accessible with a consistent practice.

The defining characteristic of vinyasa classes is the way we connect poses together into a seamless flowing experience – it is our Flow Class.

Two new names but everything you’ve come to expect from Hot House Yoga will remain the same. Great teachers, phenomenal facilities, excellent customer service and the class structures you love – just referred to with different names. Enjoy, and thanks for your continued trust and support.