How to get started with yoga


Put the “Go” in Yoga

Starting a new lifestyle journey? Follow these principles to get through the studio door.

Often the hardest part of any new endeavor is simply starting.

There are many factors that could hinder an “aspiring yogi” from committing to the practice all together: like a lack of general flexibility, a fear of the unknown or potentially awkward poses.

With countless YouTube tutorials and DVDs at the world’s disposal, it can be easy to fall into the temptation of chocking the art up to a simple hobby and practicing yoga in the comfort of your own home.

And though that’s not necessarily a bad thing – many who attend our classes make the decision to stretch and strengthen when they’re out of the studio – yoga is more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle practice. It’s worth doing well, and certainly worth making the investment to learn from a professional yoga teacher.

Dedicating time in your week to attend a class with a certified yoga instructor will take you deeper into the training with every class. Keeping these tips in mind will help you break free of the sometimes-intimidating stigma of beginning a brand-new routine, and get you ready to start your yoga journey with the confidence the practice requires.

Intimidated By Real-Life Stretch Armstrongs

The first name of the yo-game is to keep your eyes on your own mat. We’ve all seen how comparison has the power to rob us of our hard-earned happiness and peace.

However, yoga makes no room for comparison. Following the instruction of a yoga teacher requires your sole focus on your mind and body. Relax, and try not to let your eyes wander.

Take it Pose-by-Pose

Unless you’re already a strong gymnastic athlete or have had extensive flexibility training in the past, you will likely not master a 10-point handstand in your first yoga class. That’s perfectly okay.

The greatest gift of the practice of yoga is its ability to strengthen your core and flexibility over time. This is a lifelong endeavor that can take several years to master. Practice giving yourself grace if you’re feeling less-than in the midst of others who have likely had far more experience.

Strengthening and Conditioning for a Variety of Athletic Performance

An article published by Harvard Medical School, states incorporating yoga into your weekly workouts will improve your cardiovascular health, and lead to a healthier BMI range.

Many who decide to take up yoga do it for the benefits in their go-to sport. According to Shape, athletes can expect to see vast improvements in not only flexibility, but strength, balance and recovery as a result of yoga.

If you’re hesitant about beginning yoga, try to view it as a simple means to conditioning for a stronger athletic performance. Or as a step to a greater sense of well-being.

So, Roll Out your Mat and Stretch Your Skills

Hot House Yoga welcomes anyone who wishes to incorporate the spiritual and artistic practice of yoga into their weekly schedules. We offer classes for students at any level, and include a special introductory rate for newcomers.

Rolling out your mat in our studio will help you commit to healthy changes that will benefit your all-around health, mentally and physically.