About Us


    Hot House Yoga is family owned and operated. In 2005 Hot House Yoga opened to help introduce Hot Yoga to Hampton Roads, later expanding to Richmond. Hot House Yoga believes that yoga should enhance the quality of life for people through a holistic approach to achieving health and well being. We aim to provide a space that welcomes people of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. Our focus is to provide a consistent practice that is accessible to everyone and facilitates growth over time.

    Our intention is simple: to help people feel better and live well.

    One of the ways in which we fulfill this intention is through our Therapeutic Vision. This method of sequencing is what creates a healing, sustainable, life-long practice. It’s based on the anatomy of the body, specifically related to lines of connective tissue, known as myofacial lines, which have both movement and postural functions. The Therapeutic Vision’s specific emphasis is to sequentially strengthen and stretch each one of these lines so that they can properly perform their intended function. The inability of these lines to perform their functions creates imbalances throughout the entire body.

    A consistent Hot House Yoga practice not only corrects these physical imbalances, but also eliminates stress, and promotes an overall feeling of health and well being.



    At an early age the Yax family was exposed to the practice of meditation and the power of loving-kindness. Their experiences growing up taught them the importance of taking care of each other, the value of community, and how a healthy body and mind is a necessity to live a full life. Without knowing it, they were being introduced to the core principles of yoga. One by one, they came to yoga for different reasons, but all connected with a common desire to help people live well.


    The human body is designed to move. It is the lack of movement that leads to an endless array of aches, ailments, and disease. Yoga is the science of achieving optimal health on several levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The aim of yoga is to move the body through its full range of motion and to encourage relaxation by stilling the chatter of the mind. It trains the body to be strong and flexible, and it trains the mind to be at peace. The overall effect is a profound shift in how we feel in our bodies and how we live our lives.


    Hot House Yoga’s difference lies with the experience. The moment you enter the boutique style studio you are mindful of the attention to detail we provide. Spa-like amenities, professional and friendly staff members, the best possible air quality and most importantly, instruction that motivates and changes lives are the difference. Hot House is committed to its members and their growth; from beginners to advanced practitioners, Hot House’s teachers and staff support members in a welcoming and comfortable manner.


    In Hot Yoga the room is intentionally heated because of the benefits it offers the body. Heat protects the muscles as they move through their full range of motion. When practicing in the heat, endorphins are released helping to reverse the negative effects of stress. Heat increases the heart rate, strengthening the cardiovascular system. Higher temperatures soften collagen around the joints for more freedom of movement and improve the function of the nervous system. The process of sweating exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, the largest organ of your body.


    Not every Hot Yoga studio is the same. The Hot House Yoga heating system purifies the air to eliminate bacteria, viruses and odors. Hot House has the healthiest and most carefully monitored environmental air quality available. The system uses ultra violet light purification to ensure healthy air. There is also specifically engineered environmental control systems in place designed to remove excess humidity when too high or add moisture when too dry. When oxygen levels fall below normal, the system pulls in fresh air to regulate.


    The studios have been designed with convenience and comfort. The facilities offer “swipe card” check in, private showers, towel service, storage and changing areas. Sky ceilings help to set the mood and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Cork floors ensure a clean practice environment. The Hot House Yoga heating system purifies the air to eliminate bacteria, viruses and odors. Hot House Yoga has the healthiest and most carefully monitored environmental air quality available. The staff at Hot House Yoga believes in providing an open and hospitable environment for students to feel comfortable and welcome.




    Our Hot Stability class includes a distinct and therapeutic sequence of postures practiced in a heated room. It is considered a stationary sequence, which means you come back to a stationary standing posture, Mountain Pose, between other postures. The alignment principles that organize Mountain Pose are the alignment principles that structure every other pose. These principles, collectively termed Vertical Stabilization, form the foundation of the class. This slower-paced, detailed-alignment style of class is ideal for beginners, but equally appropriate for intermediate and advanced students. The sequence of postures in our Stability classes doesn’t change from class to class or teacher to teacher. This specifically helps you build a solid foundation; allowing you to program into your mind and body the principles of Vertical Stabilization and breath control. It also allows you to easily measure your progression from class to class.


    Our Hot Flow class, traditionally called Vinyasa, is one of continuous movement where you seamlessly transition from posture to posture, synchronizing the breath with every movement. This class, like our Stability class, also follows therapeutic sequencing, however the sequence will subtly change from class to class, depending on the teacher. The class is heated and builds in succession, one posture preparing the body for the next. The Sun Salutation, a series of poses that create the foundation of the class, defines the flow. The continuous movement and faster pace of the class makes this style more challenging as a beginner, but quickly accessible with a consistent practice.