The Hot House Story

Hot House Yoga is owned by the Yax Family. We opened in 2005 with a mission of providing our community the same results we experienced in our own lives… a complete physical, mental and emotional awakening. We know yoga has the power to completely transform lives … not just increase flexibility. Our mission is to help people “wake up” and empower them to live their best lives. We know from experience that that is only achieved by working with the body, mind and heart.

Working with the body, mind and heart may sound like hippity-dippity, new-agey mumbo jumbo, but everything we teach is grounded in science. From our Therapeutic Vision… our method of sequencing based on the anatomy of the body, to our understanding of leading edge neuroscience… training the mind to re-wire the brain, to the truth that what we’re all looking for is love… the emotional state that truly governs the quality of our lives, what and how we teach has the power to transform every aspect of life. And yes, you’ll get more flexible too 🙂

The Yax Family

Every family has its hardships (and a certain degree of dysfunction… am I right!?) Our family was no different. There are 6 siblings… actually 7 including our beautiful half-sister Arianna. Our Dad was an artist. Our Mom was a full time mom. We grew up super poor. We grew a garden, and made just about everything from scratch… not because it was the cool thing to do, but out of necessity to keep food on the table. Our parents divorced when all the kids were still young. Our Dad leaving left a wake of pain and turmoil in the family. This was honestly one of the biggest struggles of our lives. Our Mom was the rock, the love, that kept us all from killing each other and/or ending up in jail. There are countless stories of craziness that we could tell, but the real story is how these experiences growing up sparked an obsessive desire to learn how to be free of the mental and emotional pain from our past and how to live at peace and in abundance. While we can’t control all the events of life, we do get to choose the meaning of them and what we wish to do with them. Our search for the solution led us to yoga and shaped our unique approach to the practice.

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Why Yoga?

Through our search we discovered a huge secret. The original practice of yoga (what they were doing 6000 yrs ago) was MEDITATION. It all started as a psychological practice, an exploration of the workings of the mind in relation to why we suffer. Over time, it became very body focused. In fact, most people think of the physical postures (Down Dog and such) when they think of yoga. Unfortunately, it begins and ends with the body for most studios. But real transformation happens when you practice both. Our approach incorporates the best practices of movement and meditation. We train the body to be strong and flexible, and train the mind to be still and stress free. The overall effect is a profound shift in how we feel and how we live our lives.

The Difference

When you come in, you may notice our spa-like amenities and attention to detail… how we provide everything you need for your practice, but that isn’t why everyone says we’re the best place to practice Hot Yoga. Over the 20+ years of teaching, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people transform their lives through our unique approach to yoga. The real difference is in the results our students experience. It’s not so much what we do, but HOW we do it. The cornerstone of our success in helping others is CONSISTENCY! Every teacher in every class leads you through a challenging, invigorating, body-sculpting experience, walks you through a guided meditation to focus and still the mind, and leaves you with an inspirational message to help you see yourself, and your life, from a higher perspective.

Why the Room Is Heated

Don’t fear the heat! The heat is the secret ingredient. What it does for the body is AMAZING. It’s kinda like the difference in trying to bend cold taffy versus warm taffy. Heat protects the muscles as they move through their full range of motion. When practicing in the heat, endorphins are released helping to reverse the negative effects of stress. In fact, studies have shown that yoga normalizes cortisol levels, which has been discovered as the stress hormone. Heat increases the heart rate, strengthening the cardiovascular system. Higher temperatures soften collagen around the joints for more freedom of movement (think warm taffy) and improve the function of the nervous system. The process of sweating exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, the largest organ of your body.

Healthy Heat

First, the experience is not like a sauna or steam bath. We want you to sweat profusely AND be able to breathe easy. Second, not all heating systems are created equal. Unfortunately, most “Hot” yoga studios use a regular commercial heating system that isn’t specifically designed for Hot Yoga, which results in poor air quality. Our heating system is state of the art. We’ve invested over $40,000 in it to provide the most phenomenal Hot Yoga experience available in the entire country. We have the healthiest and most carefully monitored environmental air quality available. It purifies the air with ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria, viruses, odors and all air-borne pathogens. There is also specifically engineered environmental control systems in place designed to infuse and remove precise amounts of heat, humidity and oxygen. When CO2 levels rise too high, the system automatically pulls in fresh, oxygenated outside air to regulate. You will sweat like crazy and be able to breathe clean, fresh air.

The Studios

The studios have been designed with convenience and comfort. The facilities offer key fob check in, private showers, towel service, storage, and changing areas. Sky ceilings help to set the mood and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Cork floors ensure a clean practice environment. We are a Certified Green Studio, and we donate to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation every month with our 1 for 1 Program. We plant 1 oyster for every class taken during each month. We promise that you’ll love our “house.” But what’s even more important is what makes it feel like home. Growing up, our Mom always had an open door policy. Even though she struggled to make ends meet, any friend, family member (or stranger for that matter) who needed a meal, a drink, or a place to rest their head was always welcomed. She literally treated everyone like family. This is where we learned how we want to show up for people who come through our doors… with kindness, respect and love.

Tour the Virginia Beach Studio

Tour the Norfolk Studio

What People Are Saying

This place changed my life in more ways than I can ever write about in a few sentences. can’t say enough about the Yax family and the staff of powerful and impactful yogis they have taught.

Thank you for helping me find the better ME. I am forever grateful for you all.

Ajarn Buck

Thank you Lindsey for an incredible practice! It was the perfect blend of instruction andguided imagery. I left feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated. I had been practicing on my own with videos at home, and this was my first group yoga class. There were yogis and yoginis of all levels in class so  I never felt out of place. Can’t wait to come back!

Elizabeth Brady Pohoreskey

I have never done yoga before in my life. I just had my first class in Norfolk. The instructor was phenomenal. The whole experience felt personalized and the instructor helped me through the heat and the poses that I didn’t really understand. This is one of the best things that I have ever done. I will be coming back every week.

Karli June Brophy

I am not your obvious yoga student, but I want to say hot yoga has immensely helped my stiff joints , balance, and overall health. The owners and staff are class acts and very welcoming and friendly to all. Come and try it! I think you will keep coming back!

Ann C. Cleland

Most remarkable studios ever! The instructors are individually diverse in their personalities but equally remarkable in their instruction and classes. These studios strive to be compassionate to your own level but allow you to reach what you are capable of reaching!!! They are beautiful facilities with beautiful souls. Namaste.

Elizabeth Eckert Sorrell

I’m from out of town and bought the $49 out-of-towner unlimited yoga for the week. Well worth it! The fee includes a mat, towels, blocks, straps and knee pads. (Clean and new each time you come) All you have to do is bring yourself! You can even shower if you like and they will give a bag foryour sweaty clothes. Place is save to leave your stuff outside of the yoga room. Instructors are great!

I LOVED the candlelight sessions!! Just going to three classes in a week will make you money on this deal but you’ll want to go as much as your week allows!!!

Valerie Marmolejo

I’ve been coming to the Ghent HHY for over a year now and it’s safe to say I’m totally addicted! It’s really made me realize my love for yoga and I feel so refreshed when I leave. AND I’ve become a morning person because of it! I go to the 6AM classes a couple of times every week! I’m in love with HHY.

Mackenzie Kemppainen

I enjoy yoga so much, I definitely don’t practice enough. When I do go to a class I am so welcomed and love seeing all the familiar friendly faces and new caring faces. Thank you all for always being so inviting and kind. You all are my go to studio!

Jocelyn Sidwell

I started with Hot House Yoga about six weeks ago when one of the special ladies, TiAnn gave me a pass to come try it out. She knew from a conversation I was going through a difficult time in my life. From the moment I started and walked through the door the entire staff has made me feel so welcome!! Every time I practice I feel myself getting stronger and taller and feeling so awesome about being there. TiAnn, thank you for inviting me to change my life and the outcome! I am so grateful for all the ladies who help me to improve on my mat.

Tabatha Dennis

I have been a regular member with an unlimited membership which I started on March 19, 2013. I have lost more than 45lbs. My blood pressure and cholesterol are now well within normal limits. My glucose went from high-normal to low-normal. In addition, I see and feel a major difference in my flexibility, physical stamina, and stress levels. I love the many classes offered as part of my unlimited membership. I attended Meditation Essentials class and have started a meditation practice as well. I don’t just “do” yoga. I have learned the importance of practicing yoga on and off the mat. I have learned the theory and yoga philosophy and have increased discipline and have learned to focus.

I  love it! Hot House Yoga is OMazing. I am sure it will help add years to my life. Thank you and Namasté.

Donna Nurmi

My home away from home! This place is so peaceful and filled with beautiful people! I am change person, both physically and soulfully because of Hot House Yoga and the Yax Family! Bless you all… Namaste!

Meredith Reid

This place was my one solace during my stressful years of grad school at VCU. Grateful that it exists! And even though I no longer live in Richmond, I still value the calm and peace created here.

Faye Ibars

Love this studio! Extremely clean and courteous. It has a good blend of asana and meditation practice. Great for beginners and more advanced students. Also, went thru their teacher training with Yax Yoga Concepts and it was a life changing experience. Definitely recommend to all levels..

Emre Bar

There aren’t enough stars to convey what this place and its people have meant to me. To say that it is my ‘happy place’ isn’t quite enough either. It’s life-altering in the most beautiful of way if that is what you want, need and are ready for. And, if you just want to look great and feel better than you’ve ever felt, it’s that place too. So grateful.

Marianne Williams Winesett


Our Classes

Hot Stability

Our Hot Stability class includes a consistent and therapeutic sequence of postures. It is considered a stationary sequence, which means you come back to a stationary standing posture, Mountain Pose, between other postures. The alignment principles that organize Mountain Pose are the alignment principles that structure every other pose. These principles, collectively termed Vertical Stabilization, is how we should be aligned all day everyday. This slower-paced, detailed-alignment style of class is ideal for beginners, and is continuously challenging as you progress. The sequence of postures in our Stability classes doesn’t change from class to class or teacher to teacher. This specifically helps you build a solid foundation; allowing you to program into your mind and body the principles of Vertical Stabilization and breath control. It also allows you to easily measure your progression from class to class.

Hot Flow

Our Hot Flow class, traditionally called Vinyasa, is one of continuous movement where you seamlessly transition from posture to posture, synchronizing the breath with every movement. This class, like our Stability class, also follows therapeutic sequencing, however the sequence will subtly change from class to class, depending on the teacher. The class is heated and builds in succession, one posture preparing the body for the next. The Sun Salutation, a series of poses that create the foundation of the class, defines the flow. The continuous movement and faster pace of the class makes this style more challenging as a beginner, but quickly accessible with a consistent practice.