The Real Purpose of the Practice

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Our Big Why

Why practice yoga? What is the purpose? In our 20’s we practiced yoga to get better at yoga. It was all about the poses and wanting to keep progressing into more advanced expressions like Handstands and Splits. Now we’re older. We’re husbands and fathers and WHY we practice has completely changed. Now we practice to keep doing what we love to do, to keep our passions alive and feel fully charged each day. We practice to be able to play and surf and train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with our kids. We practice to keep love and intimacy in our relationships. We practice to be able to skillfully handle the inevitable challenges of loss in our lives without letting them dim our joy and enthusiasm for living. The truth is everyone is battling against aging, the negative effects of stress and the emotional challenges of loss. This is the reality of what it means to be alive. But very few people know how to train to win the fight for their lives.

Therapeutic Vision

Our Therapeutic Vision is the method by which we put together the poses of every class (what we call “sequencing”). This method of sequencing is based on the anatomy of the body, specifically the myofascial lines, which are 7 lines of connective tissue (basically what connects the bones of the body together) that run throughout the entire body. Each line has both posture and movement functions, and every line effects all other lines. The key to aging gracefully, living pain-free, and keeping your body feeling mobile and fluid as we age all comes down to maintaining proper strength and flexibility of these lines. Every class we teach follows our Therapeutic Vision. Its how we create a strong, flexible, pain-free body that can stand the test of time.

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Relieve Stress

Stress is a part of life. In fact, a 2016 study by the CDC concluded that over 90% of doctor’s visits were from stress related illnesses. The tell tale sign of stress is incessant worrying, constant thinking.. when the mind just won’t shut up. The secret not just in relieving stress but being able to manage it in the moment all comes down to your BREATH. Breathing deeply, in the way we teach at Hot House, activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is the calming portion of our nervous system. It relaxes you. When you’re focused on breathing deeply AND coordinating the breath with moving the body in and out of poses, two very beneficial things are happening: 1. You’re not thinking about the stressor itself 2. You’re activating the calming portion of the nervous system. Every class we teach ends with a guided relaxation meditation to help you carry that calm with you throughout the rest of your day.

Focus Equals Feeling

Can you stop thinking at will? Have you found that “off” button for your mind? Maybe the biggest secret in all of yoga is the fact that it is as much a mental practice as a physical one. It trains the mind as much as the body. Isn’t it true that what you focus on directly effects how you feel? And how you feel in any moment governs the quality of your life. It follows that being able to control what flows through the mind, ie. what you focus on, is perhaps the single most life transforming skillset you can cultivate. It is possible to train the mind, to be intentional with your focus, to choose how you want to feel in each moment and enhance the quality of your life. This is the heart of what we teach at Hot House.

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What People Are Saying

This place changed my life in more ways than I can ever write about in a few sentences. can’t say enough about the Yax family and the staff of powerful and impactful yogis they have taught.

Thank you for helping me find the better ME. I am forever grateful for you all.

Ajarn Buck

Thank you Lindsey for an incredible practice! It was the perfect blend of instruction andguided imagery. I left feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated. I had been practicing on my own with videos at home, and this was my first group yoga class. There were yogis and yoginis of all levels in class so  I never felt out of place. Can’t wait to come back!

Elizabeth Brady Pohoreskey

I have never done yoga before in my life. I just had my first class in Norfolk. The instructor was phenomenal. The whole experience felt personalized and the instructor helped me through the heat and the poses that I didn’t really understand. This is one of the best things that I have ever done. I will be coming back every week.

Karli June Brophy

I am not your obvious yoga student, but I want to say hot yoga has immensely helped my stiff joints , balance, and overall health. The owners and staff are class acts and very welcoming and friendly to all. Come and try it! I think you will keep coming back!

Ann C. Cleland

Most remarkable studios ever! The instructors are individually diverse in their personalities but equally remarkable in their instruction and classes. These studios strive to be compassionate to your own level but allow you to reach what you are capable of reaching!!! They are beautiful facilities with beautiful souls. Namaste.

Elizabeth Eckert Sorrell

I’m from out of town and bought the $49 out-of-towner unlimited yoga for the week. Well worth it! The fee includes a mat, towels, blocks, straps and knee pads. (Clean and new each time you come) All you have to do is bring yourself! You can even shower if you like and they will give a bag foryour sweaty clothes. Place is save to leave your stuff outside of the yoga room. Instructors are great!

I LOVED the candlelight sessions!! Just going to three classes in a week will make you money on this deal but you’ll want to go as much as your week allows!!!

Valerie Marmolejo

I’ve been coming to the Ghent HHY for over a year now and it’s safe to say I’m totally addicted! It’s really made me realize my love for yoga and I feel so refreshed when I leave. AND I’ve become a morning person because of it! I go to the 6AM classes a couple of times every week! I’m in love with HHY.

Mackenzie Kemppainen

I enjoy yoga so much, I definitely don’t practice enough. When I do go to a class I am so welcomed and love seeing all the familiar friendly faces and new caring faces. Thank you all for always being so inviting and kind. You all are my go to studio!

Jocelyn Sidwell

I started with Hot House Yoga about six weeks ago when one of the special ladies, TiAnn gave me a pass to come try it out. She knew from a conversation I was going through a difficult time in my life. From the moment I started and walked through the door the entire staff has made me feel so welcome!! Every time I practice I feel myself getting stronger and taller and feeling so awesome about being there. TiAnn, thank you for inviting me to change my life and the outcome! I am so grateful for all the ladies who help me to improve on my mat.

Tabatha Dennis

I have been a regular member with an unlimited membership which I started on March 19, 2013. I have lost more than 45lbs. My blood pressure and cholesterol are now well within normal limits. My glucose went from high-normal to low-normal. In addition, I see and feel a major difference in my flexibility, physical stamina, and stress levels. I love the many classes offered as part of my unlimited membership. I attended Meditation Essentials class and have started a meditation practice as well. I don’t just “do” yoga. I have learned the importance of practicing yoga on and off the mat. I have learned the theory and yoga philosophy and have increased discipline and have learned to focus.

I  love it! Hot House Yoga is OMazing. I am sure it will help add years to my life. Thank you and Namasté.

Donna Nurmi

My home away from home! This place is so peaceful and filled with beautiful people! I am change person, both physically and soulfully because of Hot House Yoga and the Yax Family! Bless you all… Namaste!

Meredith Reid

This place was my one solace during my stressful years of grad school at VCU. Grateful that it exists! And even though I no longer live in Richmond, I still value the calm and peace created here.

Faye Ibars

Love this studio! Extremely clean and courteous. It has a good blend of asana and meditation practice. Great for beginners and more advanced students. Also, went thru their teacher training with Yax Yoga Concepts and it was a life changing experience. Definitely recommend to all levels..

Emre Bar

There aren’t enough stars to convey what this place and its people have meant to me. To say that it is my ‘happy place’ isn’t quite enough either. It’s life-altering in the most beautiful of way if that is what you want, need and are ready for. And, if you just want to look great and feel better than you’ve ever felt, it’s that place too. So grateful.

Marianne Williams Winesett