Amy B

YYC graduating class of 200 HR – 2020 & 300 HR – 2023

I had practiced yoga off & on, throughout my early 20’s, with little consistency to my practice.  I came to practice at Hot House in 2019 & it sparked something within.  I not only found a consistent practice but a love for Yoga that led me into Teacher Training & my path into teaching.  

Favorite quote: Yoga begins right where I am not where I was yesterday or where I long to be. – Linda Sparrowe

Favorite pose: Ardha Kapotasana, Half Pigeon

Favorite song on your yoga playlist?: “Northwind” by Kayoh

There are so many gifts that Yoga has given me – both through my own practice & opportunities teaching.  One of the biggest gifts I’d say is the understanding or importance in showing up, both on & off the mat.  Whether it be showing up, on the mat – understanding that my body / mind may feel different than the last & working through those differences.  Or showing up, off of the mat – for myself or for others in a different way.  Showing up has given me the understanding that some days may feel different but in showing up, will find something to learn from or grow.  It all starts with showing up (on or off your mat).