Leah B

200 hour teacher training graduate in 2016 and 500 hour in 2017. 

I started practicing yoga in 2010.  I was looking for the physical connection and release; I stayed for the mental connection and release.  I love how you can taylor your practice to meet you where you are on the mat and that connection spills over off the mat.

God wants us to have soft hearts and hard feet. The trouble with so many of us is that we have hard hearts and soft feet.” Jackie Pullinger

My favorite yoga pose can definitly change per day.  As of recent, I have been really appreciating Lizard Lunge and all the variations and subtleties it has to offer. 

Seasons change and like the seasons, preferences change as we grow and as our practice grows. Lately, I have been connecting with “First Love/ Embers” by Kari Jobe, as a reminder to keep the flame of my heart lit and centered. 

Incorporating yoga into my daily routine has given me so many gifts, but the one that stands out is the gift of time, space, and relationships, especially with my Creator. Realizing the importance of every borrowed breath was my biggest light bulb moment.