Marianne W

I completed my 200 hour teacher training in 2020 and began teaching at Hot House that same year. I completed the 300 hour training in 2023. Both of my trainings were with Yax Yoga Concepts.

I found yoga in 2004, exploring several local studios. As a recovering gymnast, I was looking for a way to move my body that incorporated strength and flexibility while also healing the aches and pains that were beginning to show up in my body. I walked into Hot House just after they opened their doors in 2005 and never looked back because…when you know, you know.

This quote has always resonated deeply with me, both as a student and now as a teacher.  “You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and vibrantly alive in repose.” -Indira Gandhi   The discernment to know when to be still and when to come alive (on or off the mat) IS practicing yoga and being vibrantly alive is my highest goal.

My favorite yoga pose is Dancing Shiva. It’s balance, strength, flexibility and stillness. It requires a clear, focused mind and calm, steady breath, which is the very heart of our practice.

Music is such a big part of the experience we create and I love creating playlists. My favorite song (right now) is LACE by Random Rab because it begins when we start to slow everything down near the end of practice. It fills the room with beautiful sound and creates space for peace and stillness to enter.

The gifts of my yoga practice are many. I came to yoga to become stronger and more flexible and to improve my physical health. What I quickly discovered was that would happen very naturally through consistent practice. What I wasn’t prepared for was the deep knowing of myself. I learned to move my body to quiet my mind. I learned how to breathe and how my breath can literally change my physical, mental and emotional states. I learned how to be still and become a witnessing presence rather than a reactive maniac. I truly met myself on my mat and I deepen that knowledge each and every time I practice. Yoga saved my life and I am only ever grateful.