Meah H

200hr: 2016 & 300hr: 2019

I found yoga when I was attending college in 2007. In the midst of an anxiety attack, I dropped all of my classes online. I went to see a therapist and she suggested yoga may be a good way to learn to relax. My first class was a 90 minute Bikram class that didn’t seem at all relaxing. However, the more I practiced the more I found myself in a calmer state of mind when I had to leave my mat and go back into the real world.

“Wherever you go, there you are.”

Favorite Pose: Standing Bow

Favorite Song on my Playlist: Blau -Sine

Yoga has given me more than I could ever express, but probably the biggest gift it’s given me is to be able to reframe my view on life’s struggles. Yoga constantly reminds me that struggles create tremendous opportunities to grow.